About Me

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved reading and watching fairy tales, daydreaming about magic and adventure. Well, that girl grew up, but she never lost her love of magic and fairy tales. Pretty corny opener, but, hey, this is a Disney Blog.

Hi! I’m Emerald, self-proclaimed Disney Nerd. I currently live in LA and work in the entertainment industry. I grew up on Disney movies, Disney World is my favorite place on the planet, and I know lots of Disney trivia — my family stopped playing Disney themed trivia games with me years ago because no one could beat me. I can even list all the official Walt Disney Animated Feature films in order with premiere years…but I have not actually seen them all. So, when Disney+ came out with all of the movies on it, I decided it would be the perfect time to watch every one in order. And thus, this blog was born. I love Disney, I love to write, I love to voice my opinions, all my passions wrapped up in this neat little purple online package.

So, join me each week as I delve into a Disney film, from the classics to the modern hits, recording my stream of consciousness during every (re)watch. Oh boy. This is going to be fun!