#22 The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

#22 The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Chubby Little Cubby All Stuffed With Audacity

This week I’m very excited because I’m covering The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh! Pooh is one of the most iconic characters of all time and has been charming children for decades. I myself was a big Pooh fan growing up; I had a Pooh chair, backpack, overalls, and tons of books, including one that personalized and had my name in it. My best friend Julia actually sent me a Winnie the Pooh plush a few months ago (pictured below). Julia and her fiancee Alyssa run a wonderful Vlog on YouTube called Allergic in Wonderland where they discuss all things Disney. They give great insights, they’re adorable, and they have a hilarious dynamic, definitely be sure to check them out! It’s one of three YouTube channels I’m subscribed to, so ya know it’s gotta be good.

Me Ready to Watch With Pooh

Onto the movie! It is based on a series of books by A. A. Milne that tell stories of a stuffed bear, Winnie the Pooh, and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. According to Wikipedia, Walt Disney’s daughter was the one to introduce him to Milne’s stories, and from there his interest in them grew. Walt had always wanted to make a feature length Pooh film, but it was not something that came to fruition in his lifetime. Instead, Disney released three Winnie the Pooh short films, which were later combined to make this one, along with a fourth segment that was added to end the film. While Jungle Book was the last movie as a whole that Walt Disney had a hand in the production of, he actually technically was involved in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh since one of the shorts was released while he was still alive.

After playing side characters for years, Sterling Holloway finally gets his time to shine as leading man/bear Winnie the Pooh. Music for the film was written by the famous Sherman Brothers. I could only find contemporary reviews for the first short that got released in 1966 and they were quite mixed. Like previous book-adaptions, there were some critics who weren’t happy with changes that had been made. Other reviewers called the short “beguiling”. By the time the other shorts came around, there was already a hefty fan base and large promotional events surrounding the releases. As for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as it’s own entity, I couldn’t find any reviews from that time – probably because audiences had already seen most of the movie. And when I did look up film reviews from 1977, I was inundated with links to reviews about some movie called Star Wars so, you’ll just have to watch for yourself (and read along with this blog of course) to form your own opinion.

I could go on and on about Winnie the Pooh and everything the books have inspired. Many movies: cartoon movies, straight-to-video movies, live action movies about the author, live action movies with creepy realistic stuffed animals and creepy Ewan McGregor (something about the eyes, I’m sorry Ewan). Tons of various merchandise (see previous personal anecdote). TV shows. A ride based off this film can be found in Disney World, Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and Hong Kong Disneyland, where it is one of the most popular attractions. Pooh and friends can be spotted in many places in the parks, including character dining opportunities in a couple restaurants, and meet and greets in Critter Country (DL), and Fantasyland and EPCOT (DW). It is certainly not hard to find Pooh, and why wouldn’t you want to find him: he’s cuddly, soft spoken, and friendly!

I’m excited to watch this film. As I mentioned before, I was a big fan of Pooh as a kid, though I don’t know if I ever watched this this specific movie. There were so many Pooh movies on VHS, I know I had a ton, so it’s possible. I guess it’s time to journey to the Hundred Acre Wood and find out!

My thoughts on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh:

  • I’m really excited to watch this! Looking forward to a cute, wholesome movie!
  • Wow a whole bookshelf of pooh books!
  • I should read a winnie the pooh book. As a kid, I remember I had this collection of mini books that were winnie the pooh stories, I think they were originals, they weren’t like Disney storybooks…Hmm….
  • Aww I love the winnie the pooh theme song, even though i don’t understand most of the words
  • Okay the kangaroo stuffed animals look like demons tbh
  • This is a cute opener though – showing how the characters are all Christopher Robin’s stuffed animals
  • Oh there’s a narrator!
  • Ah, it took sometime, but there IS a storybook opening to the story
  • OH it’s “stuffed with fluff he’s” i always thought it was “stuffed with fluffies”
  • Pooh Coo Clock!!
  • “Bear of very little brain” this narrator is rude
  • Hey kids! Remember the creepy snake from jungle book! We’ll remind you with this bear
  • Poohs skin just ripped open. I repeat: Pooh’s skin just ripped open
  • “I’m short, fat, and proud of that” yas go off pooh
  • Hmm…pooh keeps honey, milk, and chocolate in a cabinet that does not seem to be refrigerated
  • Oh my god pooh is falling and hitting every single branch hard 
  • Just looked it up and bears DO in fact eat honey and scope out beehives. However, they don’t just eat the honey, but the bees inside as well! Fun facts!
  • Aww poor Eeyore lost his tail 😦
  • Roo is so cute 
  • “If it is a good morning which I doubt” every friend group has an Eeyore

If Eeyore were a person:

  • Pooh is really tormenting these bees in their own home. I get he wants honey, but can’t he go to Target and buy off the shelf like everyone else? Have some respect Pooh
  • Oh no! Pooh is getting attacked by bees! 
  • Not gonna lie and say he doesn’t kind of deserve it…you poke a nest, you get stung, life lessons, kids
  • If this is a normal thing he does, you’d think he’d have some plan in place by now
  • Aww Christopher Robin caught him from falling, he’s a good friend
  • These bees are relentless!! Now they’re chasing both of them!
  • I like the animation of keeping it looking like a story book and Pooh hopping around the pages
  • Rabbit!
  • I think it’s cute that all the details look like a kid made them, ex: Rabbit’s home as a sign that says “Rabbits Howse” and the honey pots all have Hunny written on them
  • Ooh Rabbit does NOT want Pooh in his house
  • Pooh, take a hint you’re not wanted
  • Rabbit still offered him lunch even though Pooh is being rude, Rabbit is so polite
  • Pooh just sits down and takes all of Rabbit’s honey – he is NOT a polite house guest
  • And then he just leaves! Dines and dashes! Poor Rabbit i don’t blame him for acting like he’s not home
  • No please, no thank you, just expects to walk into someone’s house and eat dozens of pots of food, I’m appalled at Pooh, I thought he was a nice, sweet bear
  • Now he’s stuck and can’t even leave Rabbit’s house. Again I say poor Rabbit!
  • And Pooh blames it on RABBIT for not having “front doors big enough”, well it’s not YOUR house Pooh! Rabbit’s doors are Rabbit sized, maybe stay at home and buy your own honey you glutton
  • I remember finding Rabbit kind of stuck up as a kid but he is quite patient and any frustration is valid
  • I forgot a gopher was part of the animal group
  • Owl and Gopher are talking about cost of getting Pooh free – what currency do these animals use? Acorns? Leaves?
  • Honestly, Owl shouldn’t have to worry about what this costs because Pooh should be the one to pay for it
  • Months? Pooh is going to be stuck for months?? Rabbit has to live with seeing Pooh’s bare bear butt in his house every moment of every day for months?!! 
  • I would never let Pooh in my house again. Lock my doors. Shut my windows.
  • Rabbit isn’t even getting mad at Pooh. He’s just trying some new interior design choices
  • No, Roo!!! Pooh doesn’t deserve the flowers. Rabbit, who’s home is invaded by Poohs ass, deserves the flowers
  • Rabbit made a nice shelf and Pooh broke it. What more damage will he cause in this poor animal’s life?
  • “Pooh’s bottom was stuck at the top of page 28…his top was stuck at the bottom of page 30” hahaha
  • He ate an afternoon’s worth of honey shouldn’t his tummy go down after a day?
  • Now Pooh is trying to eat MORE HONEY while still stuck
  • I’m starting to think he has an eating addiction because he’s self sabotaging his freedom at this point, maybe I’ve been too harsh on this cartoon
  • Ah well
  • “I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it” Rabbit doesn’t have time for your manipulations, Pooh
  • Good for Rabbit for putting a stop to that and putting his foot down
  • He’s loose! Kick him out Rabbit!
  • He’s OUT!!!
  • And now he’s stuck in a tree – surrounded by honey, that he will keep eating and get more stuck
  • Oh, Pooh
  • The narrator talking to Pooh is cute, though
  • I’m hoping that the last segment was just a dark time in Pooh’s life. Maybe it was the rock bottom he needed to hit in order to realize how his actions and addictions were having negative effects on others. In these next chapters, I want to see growth, self-awareness, maybe Pooh getting some therapy…
  • Blustery!! I still use that term
  • *Pooh clutching his head in pain* “I was just thinking” lol that’s relatable
  • Piglet!!
  • “Trespassers Will” that’s short for “Trespassers William” hahaha
  • Piglet is so cute
  • Oh noo Piglet is being blown away, poor little guy
  • Pooh, please hang onto Piglet
  • Ah no Eeyore’s stick house! This guy cannot catch a break
  • His dry one-liners kill me though
  • Where is my chaotic neutral King Tigger??
  • Oh no!! The winds were so blustery they knocked down the tree owls house was in!! 
  • “Pooh did you do that?” WHAT? How would Pooh have knocked the tree down?
  • Aww Eeyores gonna go find Owl a new house
  • “Owl talked from page 41 to page 62” narrator continues to be shady but it’s making me laugh
  • Um..what are these strange noises coming from outside the house
  • “Pooh being a bear of very little brain decided to let the new sound in” okayy narrator we get it pooh isn’t the smartest, he’s just going to investigate and he has a weapon to defend himself wow
  • “Hello out there” pooh is every person in a horror movie
  • TIGGER!! 
  • “What’s a pooh” the question we all want to know
  • “What is a tigger” “oh he asked for it” Tigger came ready with a musical number and I love it
  • Pooh claims there is another Tigger because of the mirror but HE stretches in front of the mirror every morning, he KNOWS what a mirror is
  • Oh, Pooh, you don’t like someone crashing into your house unexpectedly and eating your honey?? Does that bother you??? 
  • I am team Rabbit defense squad
  • Is there any other food in this forest besides honey?
  • “Hefflelumps and Woozles” “You mean Elephants and weasels?” “That’s what I said” hehehe
  • Where is the Tigger song trap remix???
  • “Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs.” ayy 
  • “You go that way, i’ll go this way?” he says to his reflection which is silly but very funny
  • Pooh’s spirit just floated out of his body…is he…did he just astral project?
  • Uh oh creepy dream sequence coming on
  • I feel like this is worse? They’re actively attacking, rather than the dumbo elephants that were just creepy
  • Oh god now they’re dancing with creepy never closing eyes
  • I hate everything about this
  • Plus the song is being sung is such a disturbing voice that is repeating the phrase “beware”
  • Oh no! The rain is flooding the forest and Piglet is in trouble!!!
  • Aww he sent out a little message in a bottle

Piglet scooping the water into the sinking pot is me handling my stress and responsibilities

  • Why is a pig living in a tree btw?
  • Eeyore is STILL house hunting for Owl even though there is literally an evacuation, what dedication to his friend!
  • He’s actually filming with House Hunters and today is the day to visit a 4 bed, 3 bath craftsman with a pool and a farm house sink and he could NOT miss that
  • Piglet took the time to write the letter with a stutter, he has a brand and sticks too it
  • Meanwhile, Pooh is just floating along, head stuck in the honey pot, trying to eat, completely oblivious to the fact that he’s in mortal peril, smh
  • Owl does not SHUT UP Piglet tried to warn him about a dangerous waterfall and he said “no interruptions” !!
  • Aww little Piglet popping out of the honey pot
  • “Pooh you rescued Piglet” he did nothing, he’s not a hero! He was trying to eat.
  • Why would Christopher Robin assume Pooh saved Piglet? They washed ashore together?
  • And now he gets a party?!
  • I can’t even be mad at Pooh, he didn’t claim to be a hero, Christopher Robin just has CLEAR FAVORITISM
  • Pooh really shouldn’t let CR throw him a party for no reason though, that’s just seems superfluous
  • What about a party for Eeyore who is out looking for a house for owl in a national emergency?!
  • Look at this, he has a whole banquet
  • Whoah
  • Eeyore just cleared his throat and suddenly appeared
  • GOOD im glad Eeyore interrupted this joke of a hero party
  • He walked up to the party like “oh, what’s this? An event I haven’t been invited to?? Meanwhile I’ve been out in a HURRICANE trying to help our homeless friend”
  • And he found a home for Owl! He was successful. I hope they all feel bad.
  • Now he’s taken em to see it, let’s see what he found
  • Uh oh
  • The house he found is…Piglet’s house….yikes
  • That was a plot twist
  • Piglet is just gonna give up his house?!! WHY?
  • Why is everyone acting like Eeyore’s choice is binding? Like he’s the HGTV god? I get Piglet is too nice to say ‘no’ but everyone else is just standing there awkwardly
  • Gosh, this is so dramatic and unnecessary, it reminds me of reality TV
  • Wait a minute, that gives me an idea. Hold on, we’re gonna try something new here…

Enjoy “The Real Housewives of Hundred Acre Wood”

  • That’s nice that Pooh is letting Piglet live with him though Piglet shouldn’t have to be the one to move, it’s HIS house. Owl should stay with Pooh until a new house is found
  • I am very touched by Pooh’s gesture – this is exactly the type of friendship and wholesome moments I was hoping to watch in this movie
  • And he suggests throwing Piglet a party!
  • Aww Piglet gets a hero party and parade too!!
  • Still bothered by the fact that Pooh is part of this for doing nothing but…
  •  Tigger just said TTFN and threw me back to middle school
  • Nooo Tigger knocked Rabbit’s freshly harvested vegetables and ruined his garden :((
  • Can Rabbit catch a break pls
  • Protest Meeting? Rabbit, an activist hero!
  • Can’t they just ASK Tigger to calm down? And then if he doesn’t listen, take more drastic measures? They’re going straight to “make him unbouncable” which seems a bit extreme
  • OmG they’re gonna leave Tigger in the middle of the woods alone so he gets so scared that he can’t bounce, this is really mean and harsh
  • What a message to send to children – if your friend does something that annoys you, abandon them in the wilderness
  • They left Rabbit in the misty woods?!
  • I was team Rabbit earlier in the movie , but this feels kind of deserved
  • How do YOU like getting lost in the woods?
  • Karma is real bunny boy
  • Hahaha he’s going crazy
  • Tigger is so positive
  • HEY! Tigger just called Rabbit bunny boy!
  • Great minds
  • Kanga is a strong single mom
  • That’s nice of Tigger to take Roo out
  • They’re Bouncing Buds
  • Oh no poor Rabbit here we go again!!
  • “Why does it always have to be me?” I don’t know rabbit I’m wondering the same thing!
  • Now they’re stuck in a tree – Tigger’s bouncing has put little baby roo in danger!!
  • “Down? Do we have to” lol Rabbit is perfectly content leaving tigger stuck in a tree for the rest of his life
  • This is a more save forest than I anticipated
  • That was clever of Christopher Robin to use his jacket as a safety net
  • Rabbit is WAY too happy at the idea of Tigger being stuck forever
  • Oh, I like how the book helped Tigger get down – cute little visual
  • Rabbit is being a mean bully
  • Maybe he did deserve to stare at Pooh’s butt
  • Can’t there be a happy medium between being a force of destruction and never bouncing again?
  • Tiggers slow, guilt trippy walk away lmao
  • Aww everyone wants the old Tigger back
  • But why don’t they tell Rabbit to stop and Tigger to come back? It’s like no one knows how to disagree in this story
  • Time for Christopher Robin to go back to school
  • “What I like best is just doing nothing” me too Chris
  • I wish this movie had more Christopher Robin and Pooh adventures

Okay, so, honestly not as wholesome as I was expecting. I mean, of course the characters were cute, and the situations they found themselves in were pretty funny, but I wasn’t expecting the members of the H.A.W. to barge into each other’s homes uninvited, leave each other in the woods, threaten to leave each other in trees, steal each other’s houses. There was some drama going down that forest. But I did enjoy it, and of course all my ribbing is in good fun.

Let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts on the film, if you were just as shocked at Pooh’s behavior as I was, or if you work for a reality show and want to offer me a job in the editing department.

Next week we go on an adventure with The Rescuers!


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