#17 101 Dalmatians

#17 101 Dalmatians

Almost enough dogs

We are officially in the swinging ’60’s! This was a decade of big changes, both good and bad, for the Walt Disney company. This new decade starts with One Hundred and One Dalmatians, which was based on a book of the same name by Dodie Smith. Several changes were made from novel to movie, such as omitting both Cruella’s cat and husband, but Smith responded to the changes positively and very much liked the character drawings she received.

Dalmatians was animated by a fairly new, cheaper process, that utilized Xerox to transfer drawings to animation cels. This is why animation in the film has a rougher, “sketchy” look to it. After Sleeping Beauty bombed, they had to figure out ways to cut back as they were considering shutting down the animation studio. This was quite shocking to me, especially since SB is regarded as such a classic, but I guess this means we (and by we I mean I) need to cut Black Cauldron some slack on nearly shutting down the studio, because it apparently wasn’t the first one. While Walt initially gave the “ok” to use a different art style, he disliked the final outcome.

Dalmatians performed very well at the box office (it was the “most popular film of the year in France”!) and received high praise from critics. It seems many preferred the film to the fantasy-based movies that had been released the prior ten years, which is funny to me since those fantasy films are what people tend to think of nowadays when they think of Disney. Time‘s review of the film was that it was “the wittiest, most charming, least pretentious cartoon feature Walt Disney has ever made” which I found both funny and accurate.

In the parks, Dalmatians doesn’t have too much representation in terms of attractions/dining, though the images of the characters can be found in various ways. Cruella is also often pictured with the villains. There was a live-action remake that came out in 1996 and starred Glenn Close as Cruella, and a 2000 sequel called 102 Dalmatians. While neither the remake nor the remake sequel (remequel?) were anywhere close to favorites for me as a kid (I think I saw them both maybe once) I did have a stuffed dog from 102 Dalmatians that was my favorite toy as a little one. There have been two different animated series, 101 Dalmatians: The Series and 101 Dalmatian Street. There was also a direct-to-video sequel to the original film that came out in 2003 called 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure. Finally, there is a planned Cruella de Vil film, with Emma Stone currently set to star, in production. Wow, lot’s of spin-offs for this movie!

If you read my Lady and the Tramp post, you know I love dogs, so I am excited to dig into this movie! Watch along, read along, follow along!

My thoughts on 101 Dalmatians:

  • Puppies!
  • Ugh im tired of these long opening credits
  • Haha its cute that Pongo calls Roger his pet
  • “Writing songs about love…something he knew nothing about” wow pongo spilling that tea
  • I always thought it was funny how the dogs and humans look alike
  • It’s so cute that Pongo is so enamored by Perdita at first sight and even cuter that he gets all excited about introducing Roger to Anita, dogs are the best
  • What a good wing man….wing dog?…paw dog?
  • So Pongo changes the mantle clock to read 5:15, and then Roger looks at his watch (which has obviously not stopped) and doesn’t think it’s weird it’s 45 minutes off??
  • Does he ever figure out the right time or does he go on for some time 45 minutes early for everything?
  • You know I haven’t seen a lot of dalmatians in my life
  • Haha Anita’s side eye at Roger and Pongo
  • “For some strange reason they left” a dog was barking loudly while she was trying to read
  • Boy pongo is sure lucky this turns out well
  • If some guys dog was going crazy while I was trying to read in the park and then wrapped it’s leash around my legs, I would not be a happy camper
  • Now they’ve fallen in the pond!!! This poor lady
  • Aww they’re laughing
  • Roger and Anita get married in a church but they’re in regular clothes? And the church is empty? Why didn’t the animators give them a wedding?!
  • Do they have no family? No friends? One of the most perplexing things I’ve seen making this blog so far
  • Pongo is lucky that Perdita was a dog in his age range AND his same breed
  • Roger and Anita are so cute! I love how playful they are with each other and how they joke with each other. You don’t see that a lot in Disney movies, especially the early ones, everyone’s so serious all the time
  • They actually seem like a real couple, not a fantasy couple.
  • Plus they’re the first couple we get to see post-wedding AND they probably knew each other longer than three days before they got engaged! This is historic!
  • Cruella DeVil…what an unfortunate name….like it fits her but could you imagine meeting someone with that name? What if she was nice? Why would you name your kid Cruella???
  • Cruella is a schoolmate of Anita’s but looks 30 years older than her
  • Beware: that’s what happens when you’re problematic kids!
  • Who sticks a cigarette in a cupcake?!!
  • Roger’s funny. So many characters have been stuck up and serious in these movies it’s nice seeing people goof around
  • Man this movie makes ya feel bad about giving puppies/kittens away
  • It’s so weird to me that men/dads didn’t go in the hospital room with their wives when they were giving birth back in the day
  • 15 puppies geez is that normal?
  • No, 5-6 are average, with the most being around 8
  • Awww….14
  • How you gonna have a dead puppy in a kids movie!!
  • YES!! Breathe little baby
  • Roger brought the puppy back to life, a true king!
  • Does she have a Google Alert?

Cruella be like

  • They’re really going to keep 15 puppies in the house? Forget money where will they put them?
  • Good for them though! Sticking up for the puppies
  • Perdita got them good drugs didn’t she
  • Puppies!!!
  • They’re so cute!!
  • “No dogs better than dad” precious babies
  • I love that they have a hero dog
  • Sure they’re tiny and you can keep them in the living room now but what happens in a few months
  • Haha the one keeps “swearing”
  • They’re little tails wagging, I can’t
  • Rolly and his constant hunger is a mood
  • How DO you walk all those puppies?
  • What do the puppies mean that they never get to go out…how do they ~ go ~ period?
  • Jasper and Horace walked so the wet bandits could run
  • Why would she chase them into the house? Why wouldn’t she call the cops right away? OR yell for help??
  • NOW she runs into the street but do..they not have a phone?
  • Dognapping is front page news? 
  • I mean i love dogs but damn
  • Her phone is a demon? I guess if you got that name, lean into it
  • Are Jasper and Horace the most competent villain sidekicks…?
  • Like, they actually completed their task. They weren’t searching for a baby for 16 years….
  • SCOTLAND YARD?! They got Scotland Yard involved?
  • Roger is 100% correct, she fought you vehemently for the puppies and said you would pay when you didn’t give them to her…that’s #1 suspect material
  • THE Scotland Yard investigated her and didn’t find anything? Dang Cruella is good
  • The T W I L I G H T  B A R K
  • I love that the dogs all communicate with each other
  • This tiny hyper dog is hysterical
  • Peg?! And that bulldog also from Lady and the Tramp?
  • Are they on vacation in London?
  • The greatest crossover of all time-the Disney Dog Cinematic Universe
  • Where’s Bruno from Cinderella? 
  • Wow they get that message far! Good for these dogs all helping out
  • And goose and horse and cat
  • What did Sgt. Tibbs do to get the title of Sargent?
  • Good thing dogs live nearby Cruella’s hideout!!
  • Loving this cat/dog solidarity
  • 99!! 
  • There’s no way 99 puppies could fit in one room
  • Aww I feel bad for the ones that were sold
  • WHERE DID A FULL CAKE COME FROM? And why is it on the piano of all places??
  • Why don’t all the dogs just gang up on H+J? They have them outnumbered greatly
  • Are Pongo and Perdita…the most competent and useful Disney parents??!!!
  • “Good luck Pongo” um Perdita is right there too????
  • Wow how far North did they freaking go??? What are these treacherous elements all of a sudden?
  • I don’t think England gets that snowy? This is blizzard level…I could be wrong, though
  • Now a trek across the rushing river, the excitement of it all!
  • The thrill, the danger, this is a true crime suspense thriller
  • Hell Hall…what kind of family did this woman come from?!
  • Did they just lean into their last name real hard?
  • Dog skin coats, sickening (in the bad way)
  • Jesus, they’re talking about killing puppies
  • Truly the worst Disney villain
  • She doesn’t deserve a live action backstory and I don’t want to see it
  • Ok, I retract my previous statement about J+H being competent
  • Knew they had to screw up at some point
  • Give me a Disney movie with super competent villains AND henchmen, PLEASE!
  • Make the heroes WORK for their success
  • Go Rolly!! Go!! Suck it in boy!!
  • Ew why are they fighting over who gets to kill them, I hate this
  • I don’t even find them bumbling and funny, killing puppies is disgusting
  • Rolly!!
  • Was it really smart to all come out at once? Like why not have the cat distract J+H and get them out of the room, and THEN the puppies escape?
  • Rolly gosh darn it!!!!
  • Well that failed Sgt. Tibbs
  • Pongo and Perdita are outside the house, perfect timing!
  • Sgt. Tibbs isn’t competent but he’s dedicated, I love how he’s trying to protect the pups
  • That crash through the window was epic
  • GET EM P&P
  • Honestly the most satisfying hero/villain fight yet
  • Sorry to Phillip v. Maleficent, but this scene is two parents fighting literally tooth and nail for their babies, I cannot help but to stan
  • Yas burn losers
  • *wipes tears* I love a family reunion
  • “Did you bring me anything to eat?” rolly priorities…but also same
  • “there’s twice as many [as 15]…there’s 99 of us!” haha Patch can’t do math

Patch counting up the puppies like:

  • They have a doggy chain mail system but no like foster care system?
  • I guess that’s just the regular shelter system
  • I’ve never been so happy (or actually, happy at all) to see someone get kicked by a horse
  • They’re so smart, walking on the ice as to not leave tracks, gosh I love P&P
  • Cruella where have you been? Not that I missed her, she just seems disproportionately passionate yet disinterested in her mission, she clearly knows that J+H are idiots yet has trusted them to be alone this long
  • Ugh these poor babies trudging through blizzard
  • Poor Lucky is froze all over :((((
  • Uhhh……..anyone else creeped out by these dogs breastfeeding from cows?
  • Animals helping animals, truly what the world is about
  • I’m getting choked up at these puppies and Pongo and Perdita finally getting some rest
  • Like they can finally sleep easy cuz they have their kids
  • Could you imagine driving down the road and just seeing a FLOOD OF 101 DOGS
  • Ooh Pongo with the branch dusting away the prints, genius!
  • Crap these dogs really are the best Disney parents
  • Pongo with the soot idea – GENIUS AGAIN
  • That’s a LOT of soot
  • hahaha but do they really think Jaspar and Horace aren’t going to think it’s at least weird that there are multiple large groups of labrador’s roaming about?
  • The intensity of this scene
  • Will they be caught? Can they all get out?
  • Get them in!!
  • Why was Cruella so set on puppies? You need many of them to make a coat, so why not just get adult dalmatians? – I’m NOT advocating using animals to make clothing, I do not WANT her to use full grown dalmatians, I’m just questioning the logic
  • PONGO!
  • Phew they all got on
  • Man, this lady is really about to kill herself and the truck driver for some coats? What good is the coat if you’re dead
  • HA! Good for you! And stay down there
  • Damn she back
  • This poor poor truck driver
  • Yikes
  • Cruella drives like I do when playing those arcade racing games
  • Are Cruella and co….dead?
  • Oh, no, but at least they’re wrecked
  • Surprised she’s not running after the truck, Liam Neeson style
  • Roger got Cruella deVil on the radio lmfaooo
  • Could you imagine hearing a song on the radio about how evil you are?
  • How long have the dogs been gone?? I thought it was only a couple of days, but Roger already sold the song and got it recorded
  • Did Roger not tell them that the song is based on a real person or was the label was like “this is fine, we can’t get sued for defamation at all”
  • Like, it’s an accurate song but…are there laws against that stuff? Maybe not in the ’60’s? IDK it’s a bop either way
  • They’re back!!!
  • “And look! There’s a whole lot more!” hahaha Nanny didn’t even attempt to guesstimate and technically, she’s not wrong
  • Did she really have to say “look!” the puppies have flooded the house
  • Dalmatian plantation that’ll be a sensation
  • Roger and Anita are the best
  • Honestly, the Disney couple I aspire to be like…music and dogs, what more do you need?
  • Wow I liked that a lot more than I did as a kid

This movie was a really pleasant surprise! I watched it a couple times as a kid and it was never a favorite, but I really liked it during this watch. I loved Roger and Anita and their relationship, even if we only got to see a little bit of it; I LOVED Pongo and Perdita, they were smart, they were competent, and when their kids were in danger, they went out there and they brought them home. I gotta say, I was not prepared to find the best Disney parents in this movie, but here we are. The puppies were cute, I really liked watching all the animals help bring the puppies home, and the chase/escape scenes had good tension. And Cruella hell bent on killing poor puppies? Much more scary and evil than any witch, in my opinion.

Next week, we go back to fantasy with The Sword in the Stone!

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