#7 The Three Caballeros

#7 The Three Caballeros

Mr. Duck’s Wild Birthday

Further inspired by their trip to South America and continuing with their Good Neighbor policy mission, Disney Studios decided to make another film based on Latin American culture. Donald returns, this time as the main protagonist, and is accompanied again by Jose Carioca, along with newcomer Panchito Pistoles. Together, they make up the titular Three Caballeros.

This is the second (of six, just so you know what else you’re in for) package film from Disney, and is comprised of a variety of segments raging from following a cute penguin to a vivacious dance number. It even includes live-action actors interacting with the animated characters at one point. The film received mixed reviews from critics, with many thinking the film was more concerned with showing off the abilities of the animation team than creating a substantive piece of media. Others critiqued it for being too suggestive in one of the sequences where Donald is attracted to a live actress, which, fair enough but nobody batted an eye when a prince made out with a supposedly dead girl eight years before so…

As I mentioned in my previous post, I haven’t seen any of the package films, so this was a first time watch for me. However, even if I had been unfamiliar with the movie The Three Caballeros, the trio themselves had certainly caught my notice before, as they are quite prevalent in the Disney Parks. They are the main characters of the Gran Fiesta Tour ride in the Mexican Pavilion at EPCOT, they’re featured on the grounds of both the Coronado Springs and All-Star Music resorts, and they appear in It’s A Small World in Disneyland. Of all the characters of these early package films, The Three Caballeros are probably the most well remembered and recognized. So, let’s see what they’re all about!

My thoughts on The Three Caballeros:

  • Donald’s birthday is Friday the 13th? No month? Just…every Friday the 13th?
  • And wouldn’t it not always be on a Friday?
  • Or does he have multiple birthdays a year?
  • As confusing as this is, it does sort of make sense because Donald is evil
  • Sending home videos seems like a cool gift and a nice pastime back in the day, sending video is so easy now which is convenient but doesn’t have the substance
  • Is that Sterling Holloway (voice of Winnie the Pooh) narrating ??
  • That IS Sterling Holloway narrating
  • These penguins and their various winter activities are adorable
  • Pablo the penguin with his friend the stove named smokey joe – I love them both
  • Pablo I too hate the cold
  • So, Pablo is the og Olaf? Winter creature who desperately wants the warmth
  • He’s carrying the stove on his back!
  • He’s taking the whole ice block with him, a determined little fella
“Bye Pablo, hope you find your warmth”
  • *fog horn* “must be the horn coast” hahaha this segment is funny
  • Neptune! Do he and King Triton have control of different oceans?
  • I know the Galapagos should make me think of Darwin but it makes me think of Alex Trebec
  • Oh no Pablos house and ice block!…but shouldn’t he have seen this coming? He knows what heat is
  • He has a turtle butler?!!
  • Pablo is living the life
  • Oh, but now he misses home, of course
  • “never satisfied thats the way of human nature” the seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake one could say
  • I forgot this was all a film Donald was watching geez
  • I thought this was about Donald Duck and his two friends…the three caballeros…
  • Oh so Donald is learning about different birds….and what is the point?
  • Is Donald watching this guys childhood home videos? Who is this narrator
  • Is that a real donkey or one of the poor boys that was taken in pinocchio?
  • That’s right, I haven’t forgotten
  • Is racing with a flying donkey legal in this race???
  • I guess it is
  • “Neither him nor me was ever seen again” …what?
  • Where are you?? How’d you send Donald your home movies??
  • Mysterious i want a movie about THAT guy
  • NOW what’s going on
  • Where is the music coming from?
  • A book with a singing bird inside? Is this a hologram or…did Jose mail himself?
  • “Im so sorry for you” uh ok Jose rude wording there
  • Ooh these colors
  • I’m loving these scenery shots
  • How many times is Jose gonna ask Donald if he’s been there?
  • Jose has a very chaotic energy and the way he’s doing these things that defy physics, is he some sort of trickster god?
  • Ah! Real person!
  • It’s very throwing
  • More real people!
  • Does Donald (an animated duck) think he have a chance with a human woman
  • WHAT is that stick that man is playing? HOW does he do that? I’m fascinated
  • Jose just gave him a giant mallet oh my God
  • Is Donald trying to KILL that man?
  • See? Donald is evil
  • Ooh dancing! Looks like a fun block party
  • Oh, Donald got his kiss, he doesn’t deserve it
  • Ooh dance fighting!
  • This part makes me want to party!
  • Presents? Oh right this is all about him opening up birthday presents
  • “a little black magic” okay so my trickster god comment was not far off Jose has powers confirmed
  • Jose is now…changing Donald’s physical form repeatedly and causing Donald much distress
  • Jose scares me a bit not gonna lie
  • Is this Panchito?
  • It is!
  • It only took until like 60% into the movie – a mere 42 minutes – for The Three Caballeros to come together
  • “Three gay caballeros” cool!
  • I like that this guy just came out of nowhere and is like “we’re going to be three bffs now!”
  • they just pulled guns on Donald what
  • Aww now they’re trying to get rid of Panchito. Why? Cuz he can hold a note?
  • NOT a nice way to treat the third caballero

When roasting your friend in the group chat goes too far:

  • “What’s a pinata” donald you ignorant slut
  • I like this lesson on the Christmas traditions in Mexico. I actually never knew the pinata was associated with Christmas
  • These paintings are really nice
  • Now I’m thinking about how these paintings are being admired by other paintings in a painting and my head hurts
  • They’re on a flying carpet! Jasmine and Aladdin whomst?
  • Traditional dancing! Love to see it!
  • This is a nice look into Latin American culture but WHY did it take until 2017 for Coco to come out and be an entire story taken place IN Mexico? 
  • Shout out to the lady who kicked Donald I know it was an accident but he’s had it coming
  • Ew Pachito just said to take a look with a telescope at “the hot stuff” and now they’re all ogling women on the beach
  • Most of this movie is Donald flirting with real women and it’s weird
  • It’s extra weird that he’s like OBSESSED with them, literally fighting the other birds to try and stay with them
  • This song is beautiful
  • I’d enjoy it more if Donald wasn’t on screen practically drooling over her
  • Now we’re in Donald’s…fever dream?
  • Oh my her face is in the flower this is creepy
  • Oh no now whats going on 
  • The other caballeros are shooting at Donald…i don’t blame them but…extreme
  • Lots of colors, lots of women in bathing suits, is this a kids movie…
  • ooh this is getting weird guys
  • Having flashbacks to the drunk elephants only now with Donald and that makes it worse
  • Can this woman stop showing up with her face in the flower?!!
  • Okay i officially have no idea what’s going on in this movie anymore
  • I guess the animators were just like “let’s have fun”
  • I like the firework ending!
  • Well, that was something

Like with Saludos Amigos, I really enjoyed the elements of the film that highlighted South American culture – the music, the fashion, the dancing. However, the segments felt very disjointed. By the time I got to the end I had forgotten that the animated segments in the beginning were even part of this movie. I also would have liked if it had more of a focus on The Three Caballeros themselves – it felt strange to name the movie after them when it wasn’t really about them…it was more about Donald and his lust for human women…yuck…

Next week, the package films continue. Don’t despair – after next week, we’ll be halfway done with the package films!

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