#5 Bambi

#5 Bambi

Simultaneously the cutest and most heartbreaking thing you’ll ever see

This week takes a look at another Disney classic, Bambi! Bambi is actually based on a novel by Felix Salten. If you haven’t seen the film, it follows a deer (Bambi – Disney loves a name title) as he grows up in the forest. Along the way, he makes friends with other woodland creatures like a bunny and a skunk. Unfortunately, I feel like Bambi is sort of defined in the zeitgeist by one scene in particular…but for now lets just focus on the cuddly animals.

Disney had the rights to make Bambi into a film for awhile, but due to having trouble adapting the story for kids, other films in production, and not being able to properly animate deer, production was delayed. When they finally got into it, the animation team took a field trip to the LA Zoo to study the animals so that they could animate them realistically, which I for one think is adorable! Their hard work paid off, because the animation in Bambi is very pretty and the lead animals are super lovable.

When it was released, Bambi received mixed reviews. Apparently people who were into hunting were not the biggest fans, and audiences were upset that there was no fantasy involved like prior Disney movies. Presently, Bambi is widely considered a well-animated classic and has even been recognized by the American Film Institute. Personally, I enjoyed Bambi a lot more than I thought I would (I saw it as a kid but didn’t remember much about it). The animation and characters are great (unlike Dumbo), the story-line is simple but makes sense (unlike Pinocchio), and the forest fire climax is as exciting as Snow White’s. Like Dumbo, Bambi focuses on a cute baby animal and has parental separation. Unlike Dumbo, Bambi isn’t tortured by everyone around him and there are no racist crows, so I think it’s an improvement!

My thoughts on Bambi:

  • Aww all these sweet forest animals, this is Disney magic, not children turning into donkeys or being mean to baby elephants
  • Why are deer the forest royalty? What about like bears? Deer aren’t the top of the food chain? Or is it because they’re the most elegant?
  • Everyone is so polite in this forest this is such a nice change of pace from the last 2 movies
  • No evil cat people snatching up children, no rude elephants throwing shade at babies
  • Boy, I do hope nothing ever ruins this delightful and adorable tale
  • Thumper speaks the truth 24/7 and i respect it
  • Okay, can they remake Bambi live action but it’s just a baby deer playing with a bunch of baby bunnies for 2 hours?
  • Author’s Note: Since the time of my watch and note-taking, they announced there IS a live action Bambi in the works, so, Disney, if you see this, please take my notes into consideration. Thank you.
  • Haha Bambi is the original “is this a pigeon?” meme
  • Pretty flower…my heart…i can’t…
  • Ugh i didn’t expect to find this movie so cute
  • I can’t take what’s coming
  • “I’m going to take you to the meadow” NO DON’T DO IT
  • “Not that green stuff” Thumper is a consistent mood, I don’t like eating green stuff either!
  • Where’d all these bro deers come from??
  • Is that a thing in deer culture? Do male deer leave the female deer and babies?
  • Great prince? You mean…king? 
  • Also Mama Bambi being all sneaky talking him up like he’s not her baby daddy
  • AHHH
  • Ugh i can’t even feel relief that they made it out because I KNOW NEXT TIME SHE WONT
  • “Why did we all run?” “Man” mmhmmm
  • “What’s all that white stuff?” cocaine
  • Nooo it’s snowing…I remember she gets shot in the snow
  • Omg but bambi prancing around in the snow is so adorable
  • I wish humans hibernated. Oh to just nap for 3 months, no responsibility, no work, sleep through the cold
  • “Winter seems long but it won’t last” what wise words 
  • Ugh no i can’t do this
  • Why would you make a kids film like this
  • My eyes are clied [closed]
  • Ughdkl;afjkdsa;f
  • look, I’m not a key smasher but the emotion overtook me
  • “We made it mother”
  • Noooo
  • 1940s disney is the WORST decade you will NOT  change my mind idc about the disney dark ages i HATE this decade and its only 1942!!
  • So is the great prince bambi’s dad? Or does he just take him in?
  • No cuz bambi is prince so he IS the dad right???
  • It’s strange that this is never acknowledged…Does he ever tell Bambi?
  • Aww bambi’s all grown up
  • But hasnt it only been like 2 months? Winter to early spring…
  • Maybe it’s a year later?
  • What a nice reunion!! I love friendship!
  • The owl talking about love like a scary story hahaha
  • They’re getting taken out one by one
  • I’m a sucker for a childhood friends to lovers situation
  • Ooh who’s this creep?
  • You’re messing with the prince
  • Get him bambi!
  • Get outta here fool!
  • Aww bambi is in love
  • I just want this fictional deer to be happy
  • Ugh man messing things up again
  • Why did falines eyes change color
  • Oh my god
  • All these animals getting shot this is horrific
  • Poor bambi, lost his mom, cant find his loved ones, got shot, fire in his home

Oh Lord Jesus it’s a fire…

  • Bambi is down. I repeat BAMBI IS DOWN!!!
  • “You must get up. GET UP!” Okay princey ease up can’t you see he’s hurt?!
  • Are you going to help him get up or are you just gonna do nothing and yell, damn
  • Bambi gets knocked down. But he gets up again. You aint ever gonna keep him down
  • Bambi and Papa Bambi trying to escape this fire is thrilling
  • Do you think their father/son communication improves after this? Unfortunately, I don’t think it will
  • AWW they all have kids!!
  • Baby bambi!
  • So bambi left his kids too huh?
  • Hope he’s around more for his fawns
  • Well that was really cute UNTIL IT WAS UTTERLY HEARTBREAKING

I really liked Bambi a lot more than I remembered liking it as a kid and definitely a lot more than the last few movies! Of course, the mom dying is heartbreaking, but overall it’s a great film. The beginning is super sweet, the end is exciting with the fire. I was surprised to see Disney taking a stance on hunting and conservation. In fact, Disney apparently wanted to show “man” (how the film defines the hunter) being burned alive by the fire he created but the rest of the team was like “mmm that’s a little much calm down”. Bambi is a great protagonist that has actual growth. On top of all that, the animation is gorgeous. Bambi deserves to be recognized as a classic.

The good news is next week is NOT a film based on baby animals being emotional traumatized.

The bad news is next begins the series of package films – movies Disney put out through the rest of the 40’s that consisted of shorts put together instead of a one plot film with a protagonist. The first up is Saludos Amigos!

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