#1 Snow White

#1 Snow White

The One Who Started It All

Our journey starts with Snow White of course! This is definitely one I’ve seen before, though it’s been a long time. If by some chance you’ve never seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and/or don’t know what it’s about (which, how? tell me your secrets of avoiding 80+ year old spoilers), here is a brief summary: Snow White is an orphan princess whose evil step-mother (who has become queen) treats her like a servant. Snow escapes to the woods and takes refuge with 7 dwarfs. She thinks she’ll be safe, but her old life is not so easy to escape. Snow White sets up so many classic Disney tropes: the storybook opening, the struggling princess, the prince who rescues her, an older woman with a grudge against a young girl, true loves first kiss. Love em or hate em these are truly the main ingredients in the Disney stew.

Snow White was an incredible feat when it came out – a full length feature film. In fact, a lot of people expected it to be a complete failure – Walt Disney’s brother and wife both tried to talk him out of it, and the film was even referred to as “Disney’s Folly”. Wow! Though some parts of it are outdated, it’s pretty amazing to think about how much it impacted film history. Also, thinking about how far animation has come is mind blowing. And with that, let’s take a bite out of this film (get it like the apple haha that’s the kind of top tier humor you can expect from this blog!) Like all posts going forward, below will be the notes I took while watching, so feel free to watch along!

My thoughts on Snow White:

  • I remember an ad for Snow White on one of my old videos had a deep voice that said “The one who started it all” and that’s all I can think about during this opening
  • We may have a lot of movie logos now, but all these credits before the movie used to be so boring. Really killed the excitement after popping in a vhs tape.
  • Oh, the book openings – such a classic!
  • Ah, one of those often misquoted movie moments: It’s “Magic mirror on the wall”, not “mirror mirror”
  • Man, that misquote was the name of a whole movie
  • The poor girl who played Snow White barely got any recognition for her role and it bums me out
  • This prince just jumped over the wall like dude where are your manners were you raised in a castle or a barn?
  • Also, if he’s a prince and she’s a princess, where is HE prince of? Is he a visitor? That makes the wall jumping even ruder
  • “Don’t run away!” Dude, she’s already back inside
  • Snow White is more relatable than I thought she’d be: I, too, flee from human interaction
  • Were all the nobles just chill with the princess being kept as a maid? Were there no royal advisers? The royal guard didn’t do anything?
  • Snow White has her eyes closed most of the movie, I swear, either the girl is already asleep or she smoked something
  • The huntsman is a real one, pour one out for him
  • Oh, this forest scene was so scary as a kid!
  • I know the whole “things appear scarier and monster-like” to show how scared she is, but it just adds to my Snow White got the good kush theory…
  • Now she’s having conversations with the animals…
  • Honestly, props to Snow for keeping her heels on the whole time
  • “It’s dark inside” yes that usually means no one’s home!
  • “Guess that means no ones home” yes correct and she’s going in anyway
  • Her and the wall jumping prince truly are a match made in heaven, they’ll go on a breaking and entering spree for their honeymoon
  • A shoe in a pot on the table?? Like, I know the dwarfs are not clean but this is extreme
  • With all the dust, it’s like no one has lived there for years. They don’t clean, but they still move around in the house, no?
  • So, are the dwarfs all brothers? Good friends? Is this a frat squad situation?
  • So much clothes for 7 dudes who wear the same thing everyday
  • Now we get to see the men at work!
  • The mines
  • WHY are certain diamonds getting thrown out?? I’ll take them!
  • Poor Dopey and Grumpy
  • Snow really said “im just gonna sleep in someone else’s bed”
  • As a kid I thought Grumpy was mean but knowing how the movie turns out, he’s right to be skeptical!
  • As a kid I thought “poor Dopey” and that still stands!
  • “Let her wake up! She don’t belong here” Grumpy is Not Wrong
  • It would have been so funny if their names didn’t match their personalities. Like “oh you the one who sneezed – you’re sneezy!” “uh no im bashful..”
  • They don’t know what a girl is but they know what a princess is and that it’s HER?
  • Also, so EVERYONE knows who the princess is and is perfectly fine with her being kept as a servant?
  • I love that the way to their hearts is food like same
  • Good for Snow for not taking any crap yes girl call them out on their nastiness
  • This clean song was really made just to push kids to wash themselves, wasn’t it?
  • Okay, this soapy Dopey bit is going on a bit too long where the murderous witch at?
  • Ah, here she is!!
  • This sequence is so delightfully creepy

Huntsman: I’ll go get Snow White’s heart

Also Huntsman:

  • “She’ll never find me” Oh, Snow, honey she found you like immediately
  • How did she get thunder/lightning on command? That’s lit
  • The queen is so thirsty to kill Snow, wanted to keep her heart in a box (which is metal af) but then decides to just…send her into a nap?? Why not just go to the house in disguise and stab her?!
  • ( i know why – because this is a Disney movie and Snow White can’t really die, I’m just saying)
  • Snow White is so in love and says “there’s no one like him” but she literally saw the prince once and ran away? Did they ever interact before that day at the well? I know love at first sight is a Disney cliche but they do usually talk a bit
  • Why would the queen pursue anything with an antidote? You know what doesn’t have an antidote? Stabbing her
  • Animals helping with the baking? Not sanitary. If the poisoned apple doesn’t get ya the diseases will
  • Snow, you know someone is after you, you were told not to let anyone in, your animal friends have had your back this whole time…
  • Wishing apple? Oh come on!!
  • What if she didn’t like apples? I don’t like apples.
  • “What if the old queen’s got Snow White” THANK YOU
  • Ok, the queen sees a bunch of deer and chipmunks and rabbits and blue birds and runs…not the most threatening cavalry there
  • This has got to be one of the roughest Disney villain deaths – falling off a cliff and then have a giant boulder fall on you
  • Okay, I get that they can’t bury her because the prince needs to save her and the whole “she was to pretty to bury” sentiment is kinda sweet but lets be real there are reasons you don’t want to see a dead body…
  • So, do they know she’s just asleep? She’s not breathing right? But they said the prince heard of a maiden who slept? I’m genuinely confused as to what the story is
  • Is he not freaked out that the dead girl is now alive? He doesn’t know about the true loves kiss rule
  • Now I want a version of Snow White where she’s a zombie
  • Also, wouldn’t it suck if they were already in a relationship and had already kissed but it’s got to be true loves first kiss for it to break the spell
  • Wow, the first Disney Happily Ever After is truly the sappiest with this castle in the clouds

Well, there we go, first one down! I did enjoy it, and I honestly wasn’t sure if I would. It’s a cute movie. Snow White is really just a kid and watching the dwarfs come to love her is sweet. The Evil Queen is a creepy first villain. And as a whole, the movie is just so…Disney. It sets up nicely what the rest of the canon turns out to be. Now only 57 more to go!

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